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PD Dr. med. Sebastian Winkler

Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Sports medicine
Emergency medicine
United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) 1&2CK
Certified shoulder and elbow surgeon
Certified surgeon for arthroscopic surgery and reconstructive joint surgery (AGA)

Surgical therapy


Meniscal tears (suture, partial resection)

Injury of the anterior cruciate ligament

Injuries of collateral ligaments

Instabilities of the knee cap (patella)

Cartilage injuries



Tears of the rotator cuff (primary and revision surgery)

Surgical intervention of high grade arthritis (arthroplasty sparing)

Injuries of the biceps tendon (i.e. SLAP-lesion)

Injuries of the AC joint

Shoulder instability

Surgical intervention of inflammation or degeneration (Impingement, frozen shoulder, tendinitis calcarea)

Cartilage injury



Inflammation and tendon tears  (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow)

Injuries of the distal biceps and triceps tendon


Cartilage injuries and arthritis

Arthroscopic surgery


Ankle / Foot

Inflammation and tendon tears (i.e. peroneal tendons)

Injury and tears of the achilles tendon

Ossification and exostosis (i.e. Haglund’s exostosis)


Cartilage injuries



Injuries of tendons

Carpaltunnel syndrome

Inflammation of tendons (Tendovaginitis)

Arthritis of the thumb (Rhizarthrosis)

Injuries of ligaments (i.e. trigger finger)


Conservative orthopaedic treatment

Conservative therapy of arthritis (hyaluronic acid infiltration, autologous blood infiltration (=ACP))

Treatment of injuries of cartilage, tendons, meniscus, ligaments

Medical expertise in handling legal issues and completing insurance claims